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t u m b a o   b r a v o
  1. Tres Gracias 4:35
  2. Amigos 4:05
  3. Lena Maya 5:09
  4. 50 y 33 4:24
  5. La Noche 5:42
  6. Jana 4:30
  7. EP 4:27
  8. Cumbia Del Cura 4:10
  9. John's Big Shoes 4:16
  10. Oneiros 4:09
  11. Relentless 3:54
  12. Sol y Son 5:08
  13. Clavier And The Doctor 5:06
  14. Riding With Sveng 3:54
  15. El Baile 3:23

Tumbao Bravo's second recording is an all original set from the individual instrumentalists of this busy group hailing from the Ann Arbor and Detroit area. Sven Anderson, Alberto Nacif, Paul Vornhagen, John Barron, and Javier Barrios contribute works that range in texture and rhythmic genre, but fit together beautifully, like parts of our lives which contribute to the whole. It is exciting and artistically rewarding to play music which has been created from our lives and from our hands...

Bob Mojica and Sven Anderson

Alberto Nacif and Paul Vornhagen

The compositions range in genre from a Matanzas-style, Rumba Columbia (Tres Gracias), to a mysterious 6/8 Latin Jazz tour de force dedicated to pianist Eddie Palmieri (EP). The romantic Bossa Nova (Jana) and joyful Cha Cha Cha (Lena Maya) add more variety to the musical textures. We are confident that you will enjoy this recording!

Our first CD release "Montuno Salad" won the Detroit Music Awards "Jazz Album of the Year" in 2005. The composing skills and brilliant piano playing of Sven Anderson together with John Barron's compositions were a large part of that album's success.

In the subsequent year, we have worked diligently to compose new music and to refine our sound, and our new recording is fresh and all original! Afro-Cuban Jazz compositions from Sven Anderson, Paul Vomhagen and Alberto Nacif dominate the exciting sounds of this release, with original pieces also by John Barren and Javier Barrios also included.

Jacob Chmara and Javier Barrios

John Barron and Alex Trajano


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